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Chattanooga Sedation Dentistry

Relax, Our Sedation Center is as
Safe and Soothing as it Gets

When kids have a negative experience with a dentist, when they feel traumatized by the unexpected, or overwhelmed by fear, it can be the beginning of the end for their teeth. These kids have a hard time with something as simple and non-invasive as a cleaning. They stop being willing to open their mouths for even a checkup. And often, they grow up to be people who avoid the dentist completely.

We want to make sure that never happens to any of our patients. It’s why we insist on gentleness, compassion, and joy – and why we offer pediatric sedation dentistry.

Changing Experiences – Saving Smiles!

Our mission here at Children’s Dentistry of Chattanooga is to save smiles. We have made it our goal to make everything about dentistry as pleasant as possible. In fact, we want to make dentistry FUN – and we’ve succeeded.

Kids love it here so much, they beg their parents to come back!

“We always have a great experience going to see Dr. Goins. He and his staff are wonderful. They’re great with kids, and my kids really ask to go to the dentist. They think it’s so much fun. One asked me, when his appointment ended yesterday when we could go back.” – G. H.

But once in a while, all of our training, behavior management methods, and communications aren’t enough.

Some kids are just too young to fully comprehend the need for extensive dental work. Others have special needs that make getting comfortable with dentistry difficult, and still, others are recovering from a bad experience at a previous dental office. And sometimes, kids just need too much work for them to tolerate without a little extra help.

That’s when we like to recommend pediatric sedation. We have a full range of kid-safe options to help kids get the dentistry they need and deserve – without fear, trauma, or pain.

“Our sedation dentistry is a little different – I think it is better – because we don’t have a cookie-cutter approach to sedation in our office. We even offer general anesthesia at Erlanger Children’s Hospital which is in my opinion, the best place for pediatric dental procedures under general anesthesia. It’s the only children’s hospital in the area, and we have fantastic anesthesiologists there, fantastic nurses.”

Your Sedation Options

  • Nitrous Oxide – Most often referred to as “laughing gas” (or giggly air, as we like to call it) is one of the most common sedation methods for kids because it is easily administered and quickly reversed.
  • Oral conscious sedation – This gentle method lets kids stay awake and interactive with us while also keeping them completely comfortable and relaxed.
  • Deeper sedation – We are certified by the Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Association to offer more profound sedation right here in our comfortable sedation center. This level of sedation is always administered by a board-certified, fellowship-trained pediatric anesthesiologist with a decade of experience.
  • Hospital sedation at Erlanger Children’s Hospital.

In fact, all of our dental sedation is overseen by our pediatric anesthesiologist, and attended to by our caring staff, so you know your children are safe and secure.